Organiks® is a collection of certified organic herbs, vegetables and fruit plants available through large retailers and independent garden centers coast to coast. With a focus on healthy living as well as extraordinary taste, Organiks offers a garden variety of over 300 plants for any palate. Plants are packed in biodegradable containers or rEarth pots that are 100% recycled plant containers made from water bottles.

What is certified organic?

At a time when “organic” is often more style than substance, Organiks is the real deal. Organiks plants are USDA certified organic, meaning that every step of the growing process—seeds, soils, fertilizers, pest control, harvesting, distribution—meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Non-GMO / GEO free.

Organiks even helps growers achieve organic certification nationally by providing educational materials and guiding accreditation.

History of Organiks

For years, organic production techniques were known but not widely practiced in commercial growing operations: growers were waiting for consumer demand to increase before converting their production to organic, while consumers were waiting to see greater organic selection available at stores.

Organiks’ got the ball rolling on both ends—first by producing all-organic herb, vegetable and fruit starts, then launching an educational program to help growers convert their own operations, all while providing educational resources for consumers.

Today, the Organiks brand continues to play an important role in developing the market for organic plants in the marketplace. Our goal is to reduce the footprint of food production on the environment by avoiding harmful chemicals, increasing yields, encouraging local growing and more gardening.